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    The firm was founded in 1986 and has since gained extensive knowledge and reputation in the field of injuries and medical malpractice in particular. The firm specializes in medical malpractice at all levels (medical malpractice in surgery, medical malpractice during cancer treatment, medical malpractice while treating cardiac events, etc.) and mainly, medical negligence at birth, medical malpractice while monitoring pregnancy (negligence in diagnosing genetic or hereditary disease such as Down Syndrome for example). The firm managed many cases caused by medical negligence and can be credited with significant achievements that had a massive impact on the heads of damages recognized in court's judgments and setting important legal precedents. Above all, the firm sees in top intrest the achivement of high and optimal compensation for it's clients.

    In addition, for about 30 years, the firm has acquired experience in representing cases of severe car accidents, industrial accidents and drownings, as the plaintiff.

    Attorney and Notary Avi Lotan, owner and founder of the firm, is a very experienced lawyer in the torts domain- lecturer of the Israeli Bar Association and other organizations, as well as a member of it's Injuries forum. Troughout the years, Avi has published many articles in the newspapers and Internet media, and today, serves as the "Makom Meyuhad" forum moderator, for parents to children with special needs, and at site "AHV"A" (Handicapped Israeli Organization) as well. Our website allows you to admire the firm's achievements over the years, to get to know our staff and to find information about the areas of our expertise.

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